It is not easy to held a flea market bazaar. Locations, decorations, items for sale are all the important elements. Event Company Malaysia is pro in organizing flea market bazaar. Review us now or you will always regret for not doing so!

Flea market bazaars can be indoors, at locations like mall and plazas, or it can be outdoors, at venues like parks, gardens or by the streets in a village. There are many kinds of items sold by the vendors, such as food, antiques, books, furniture, crafts, clothing, goods, merchandise, toys and bags.

Flea market bazaars can be held every day, but the vendors normally have more business on Saturdays and Sundays. This is because most of the people rest on weekends, and they can shop with their family to buy something cheaper than prices of items sold in shops. Of cause, you can choose the day to held the market and we settle the entire thing for you.

There are also flea market bazaars associated with fairs and festivals. During these periods, the vendors can have better earnings because community always looks for entertainment at fairs and festivals, at the same time they will buy something from the vendors. For example, they will buy some food for their family to eat at the same time to enjoy the entertainments.

An attractive decoration can draw the attentions of customers. We provide pa sound systems and dj mixers for rentals. These equipments are important to make announcements clearly and to play music to attract customers to visit the flea market bazaars. Some accessories items can be used to decorate each stall. Strong tables are required to cart heavy items, as well as strong tents with support are important for vendors. All these, we will settle all for you and we can guarantee the qualities of the equipments.

If you have any interest, you can call 018-2619207 or send emails to us to find out further information and details.

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