Malaysia E-Village provides public with events solutions. From events planning, to events management, events services and even security, we undertake to do everything by ourselves.

How we manage to do this? We have adequate staffs who are well-trained to ensure good performances.

As professional planners, we are confident to create unforgettable events for customers according to their need. We will show our customers the schedule we have planned before we start any preparation work.

Event Services Malaysia
Each year we will organize numerous times of events, and each time we will have different types of clients with different needs. Last year, we had organized a graduation ceremony for an international university. Yet, we received lots of praises from the lecturers and the graduates.

Besides that, we also have experiences in organizing birthday parties at locations like home, restaurants, parks, etc. We also organize companies opening ceremonies or any celebrations held in the offices. There our business partners and the guests are chit-chatting and discussing about the future of their companies.

Too we organize specially designed wedding parties at different venues like in the restaurants, by the beaches or even on the cruises or ferries. Furthermore, we organize exhibitions of corporate where valuable items are exhibited. Open houses at bigger areas where catering are held and also performances done by the students on the stages at schools also need helps from us.

Stage Performance Malaysia

As a ONE-STOP event company, we also offer equipment rentals which can bring conveniences to our customers as they do not need to look for equipment rentals from other companies. We guarantee our equipment and facilities are made of latest technology and thus most are easily controlled.

We have equipment like pa sound systems which can be used during meetings, group discussions and video conferencing. We have also mist fans, bubbles machines and fog machines which can make the children to delight.

Facilities offered to the community include wheel of fortunes, segways, dunking machines, tents and so on, can be used at different events to bring joy to the guests. We also offer banquet tables and chairs for rentals for any buffet and catering.

No try, no gain. Support us, then only you can know how great the results we can give you!

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