Have you ever think of organizing a charity event if you are able to do so? It can be meaningful to your guests, as it gives your guests a chance to show their kindness to help those who need. It is not an easy work to organize a charity event, and Event Company Malaysia is always offer you solutions in organizing charity events.

There are many charity events that can be organized. Many of them will prefer to organize a fundraising campaign. Normally we held the campaigns either indoors like in the centers, hotels, hall, companies, schools, bars, colleges and universities, or outdoors like in the parks, gardens or at the beaches.

We welcome volunteers from different families to contribute to the community by participating in the fundraising campaigns, either they can donate or help out with the campaigns. Students can ask for donations from the public. The business partners can sell their products and donate the money to the needy people.

We also have experiences in organizing a mini concert held as well as a fashion show during fundraising campaigns to attract the attendance of people. An impromptu musical performance can be held where the people can pay and pick any songs they like, and the guests there can dance following the music.

What about to have a charity tournament where you can encourage those who love games to take part? We can help you to organize golf, poker or other tournament where those who love games will pay to take part, and the money collected can be donated to some organizations or needy people.

We are to organize charity dinners too. Charity dinners can be held at 5 stars hotel or restaurants. There the chefs will serve delicious food and some of the dinners do offer cocktails and wines. Those who interested with the dinners can buy tickets for entrance. The money collected will be donated.

If you want to have something special, we can help you to organize a wine tasting fundraising event. As long as you can get some kinds of expensive wines, definitely this kind of event will be successful as there are many wine experts and wine merchants around us. These events have to be organized in suitable venues like reception halls and we can provide you suitable places.

For booking, you can contact us by sending us emails (info@eventcompanymalaysia.com) or call 018-2619207. You can also visit our blog often to keep updating with our details. You can review our items rentals page to choose items needed for your events. Terms and conditions applied.

We are looking forward to your continuous supports, as all these supports are not only important to us, but also important to many people in this world. Hire us now!