“We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!” Each year until the month of December, everyone will be eager to celebrate Christmas. There are many events can be organized and Malaysia E-Village is willing to do all the parts, to wish you Merry Christmas every year.

Christmas must have Christmas parties. A turkey or even a small bun can already bring happiness to everyone who has longed for the coming of Christmas. We can help you to have your Christmas parties held at home, in the offices, at 5 stars hotels or bars whereby the guests will attend after receiving the invitation cards.

The guests can have dinners with the hosts, while enjoying the sumptuous food, they can have drinks like cocktail or wine. They can also play some games and take some photos. Of course, they can have gifts for exchange.

Wow! What a wonderful night. If there are music playing, the guests can have some dances too.

For decorations, our professional staffs will be able to produce warm and delight feeling. Equipment like pa audio systems is prepared by us to play music. Segways too can bring joy to the kids.

When Christmas is around the corner, many companies will plan to organize some promotion events to introduce their products and give away their products as Christmas present. We can help you in organizing of this kind of events, the decorations of venues, the arrangement of products and the schedule of the whole event can be guaranteed perfect.

Some of the companies will plan to have some Christmas decorations to produce Christmas feel to the staffs and also the customers. We can help you with this. Different sizes of Christmas offered and can be situated at the obvious part of the companies. And of course other decorations we can help you to do it well.

What about to have a Santa Claus for your Christmas party? You can ask for a Santa Claus ‘rental’ from us. Santa Claus can help to distribute presents to children and have fun with them to realize the dream of every child that is to receive presents from Santa Claus.

Don’t you want the perfect moment to stay in the memories of your guests? Find us for your perfect dreams. Call 018-2619207 NOW!