Read this to know what the great news we offer. We as an Event Company Malaysia from Malaysia E-Village, and can provide you with equipment solutions. If you search for equipment and tools for rentals, you have find the right place, as we have various types of equipment offered to be rent, and definitely one can suit your events!

Over the years, we are increasingly adding our items for rent, because we have more and more customers with different needs. All these equipment are made of high quality materials to ensure safety of customers when the equipment are used. Our equipment can be placed at any locations, like home, companies and parks for your programs, like parties or business celebrations. We offer different sizes of equipment, some are electronic appliances which can be used during day or night time. We have also colorful equipment which can be a great attraction to your partners, guests and kids.

We have different styles of banquet tables and chairs which can suit your themed parties. These tables and chairs have pads on the legs to prevent your floor being scratched. There are also electrical appliances which function using power supply like pa audio systems which can be used for video conferencing. Mist fans and fog machines have industrial nozzles and pumps which work with air and water at suitable pressure can bring unpredictable effects to your events.

When you travel to some places or go for camping, you can bring along a tent and backpacks. Such tents are supported by strong metals and you can sleep comfortably inside. Canopies are always kit with accessories and decorative items such as light. Portable toilets can be used for privacy during your events. Electric balloon pumps work using batteries can be recharged using current. Large areas required for dunking machines and orbing balls which can give fun to the people. All these equipment are in different colors and are attractive views when taking photos using cameras.

We are pro suppliers and we can serve our customers the best. Dial 018-2619207 NOW to know more!