Schneider Electric’s Annual Dinner @ Holiday Inn

Each year, a company will organize great events like company annual dinners. This type of events normally with themes and the workers have to dress according to the theme. Of course, together with the whole decorations of the events also have to be related to the theme. Well, Event Company Malaysia manages to provide you event planning which can suit your theme, and also decorations and equipment rentals. Find and review us now to know what the good news we offer you.

Company annual dinners can be held at any venues, which include green gardens of 5 stars hotels, restaurants, etc. By showing the tickets, the staffs of your company can enter the hotels or restaurants. During the events, you can have many programs. First of all, you can have someone like the boss of your company to give some speeches. Then you can also invite some artists to sing some songs for your events.


Stage Performance

During the moment, your guests and your business partners can enjoy the sumptuous food, at the same time to have the chances to gather and get to know each other better. After that, you can organize a small concert, where the musicians can play some symphony or music in the hall, and of course all the staffs can have couple dances. Together with the guitar performances, definitely can make your staffs to have a wonderful night.

Next, you can organize some entertainment programs and make your staffs to play games and have fun to relax after they had worked for such a long time. Finally, you can give some presents or lucky draw to your staffs to encourage them to work harder in the future. To make your events to be grander, you can add more special event during the annual dinner.

You want to have this kind of company annual dinners, only we can realize your dreams. We have specialized staffs who are pro at event planning, together with event decorations. With the equipment like high quality mist fans and bubbles machines with industrial nozzles, definitely can make the conditions to be mystery and special.

Of course for this type of celebrations, we will provide you with banquet tables and chairs rentals which kit you up with accessories items like colorful light bulbs for decorations. To be happier, you can take photos with the decorations as background images.

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