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Why Malaysia E-Village?

We are an event company that will arrange everything needed to result in your next party being the most spectacular you and your guests will ever experience. We are not just one stop center for all of the rental equipment that you might need for any occasion. We also employ a crew of party designers and creators, who can take your theme and turn it into a magical wonderland that will exceed most normal expectations.

We have the equipment, decorations and creative ideas to arrange your event around any ingenious idea. This Event Company is not just about birthday parties, anniversaries or weddings. The staff can also plan (down to the last minute detail) any type of theme for any special occasion.

"Ever WANTED to have a FABULOUS PARTY but have
No Idea On How Or
Where To Begin?

No worries, our One Stop Entertainment Services
are here FOR YOU!"
- Bonny Ng (CEO)